Do Newsmags Still Matter?

Yes, say Rick Stengel and John Meacham, editors of Time and Newsweek, in a piece by Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post. “The rival editors are turning out weeklies that are smaller, more serious, more opinionated and, though they are loath to admit it, more liberal. They are pursuing a more elite audience, in print and on the Web, abandoning the old Henry Luce notion of catering to the masses. It is nothing less than a survival strategy,” says Kurtz. “Time has reduced the circulation guaranteed to advertisers from 4.1 million to 3.25 million. Newsweek has cut back from 3.1 million to 2.6 million and is mulling further reductions. U.S. News & World Report essentially left the field this month, becoming a Web site with monthly editions on consumer issues. ” USNWR was a pretty series publication when I started following US affairs twenty years ago; now it is essentially over.


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