To Prepare for the Future, Skip the Present

A well thought-out piece by Ed Roussel of the Daily Telegraph on remodelling the media. “[T]oday’s obsession with saving newspapers has meant that, for the most part, media companies have failed to plan adequately for tomorrow’s digital future. The economic downturn has added to the urgent need for a change of direction.” It is informed and thoughtful, even though I am sure some onlookers might wonder if the newspapers were actually investing in the content that would make such a strategy work. Still, as Roussel points out, “the dominant newspapers have a huge advantage over start-up news operations: They are trusted brands at a time when the proliferation of news sources has made trust a premium for readers and advertisers alike. ” Ed, by the way, was a Bloomberg reporter in Brussels when I knew him first; he has worked on the shop floor. Thanks to Toby Harnden for bringing it to my attention.


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