What’s Happening to Our News?

It is clearly the season for reports on the future of news. The latest is from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, trailed in the Press Gazette. It suggests what sounds a rather cumbersome scheme to code reports so readers can tell if they are genuine, appellation controllee, certified 24-carat hallmarked journalism, or just the usual b*ll*cks. “A ‘digital kitemark’ to differentiate quality journalism from ‘the noise of the web’ should be introduced, according to a new report published this week,” says the Gazette. “Other recommendations from What’s Happening to Our News, an independent report carried out for the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, include tax breaks for newspapers, and more easily accessible public information.”

Hmm. The full report is being released shortly to coincide with the Oxford Media Convention today. More comment from me next week.


One Response to What’s Happening to Our News?

  1. […] few paragraphs from the Press Gazette story. I haven’t gone looking for the report yet but I gather it’s being released during the Oxford Media Convention this […]

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