New models – government or e-commerce

Piece by Roy Greenslade in the Guardian on new business models for newspapers; actually, less new business models than bailout possibilities. “Three of the most talked-about proposals involve a relaxation of cross-ownership rules, a relaxation of merger controls and state funding.”

Also interview with Telegraph digiteroo on new revenue sources. “Telegraph Media Group is in the early stages of developing an e-commerce project to place links to sites like alongside stories. It’s a bid to replace some of the revenue lost from the declining interest in print ads and the slow-down in online display advertising…”


One Response to New models – government or e-commerce

  1. I see Jeff Jarvis also lamenting that there were no new ideas at Davos media discussions. See what he has been Twittering:

    “Glocer: Societies get the media they deserve… You don’t need 10 dailies, you need a handful to watch government. #davos09 8:59 AM yesterday from web

    Nelson: To get the press to transform you have to cannibalize your business. Right. #davos09 8:58 AM yesterday from web

    Steve Forbes defends the future. Thanks, we needed that. #davos09 8:46 AM yesterday from web

    Lionel Barber does nothing but trod old ground: Is it ok to use Wikipedia? Is this #davos98? #davos09 8:44 AM yesterday from web

    Angry unemployed print journalist at the journalism panel angrily says the internet will never have quality journalism. #davos09 8:43 AM yesterday from web

    David Schlesinger of Reuters defends Twitter, telling the panel he’s tweeting the meeting & it’s picked up on Reuters. A new wire. #davos09 8:29 AM yesterday from web

    What if they had called this session Opportunities in the Fourth Estate? #davos09 8:26 AM yesterday from web

    Lionel Barber: “Will you please knock down that notion that Twitter is a competitor to Forbes and great journalism” #davos09 8:23 AM yesterday from web

    Same old same old on press: classified woes. such old, old news. The talk should be new models. 8:19 AM yesterday from web

    At a #davos09 session: Fragility in the 4th Estate. @johnbyrne is tweeting. So far same old print/digital cyclical/permanent 8:16 AM yesterday from web”

    Jonathan Nelson: “Our readers are dying. That’s the problem.” #davos09 8:57 AM yesterday from web

    Jonathan Nelson: “There’s always one medium that’s looking down on the next.” #davos09 8:56 AM yesterday from web

    Lionel Barber asks the panel to close by naming an opportunity in journalism today. #davos09 8:56 AM yesterday from web

    Rebekkah Wade of the Sun asks how we can pay for high-quality journalism. Repeat: The Sun. #davos09 8:54 AM yesterday from web

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