Started a running commentary on doing this site. For my own benefit.


One Response to Weblogblog

  1. Frank Walker says:

    well, I’m impressed: impressed that you have put a working site together – even ‘tho I make my afterliving on the web, I still have to send everything I write down to the virtual caseroom to be virtually set; impressed that, even after eight years committing nefarious acts, far from the public prints, you’re still stalking the scorched earth of journalism (“Every time I think I’m OUT, they drag me back IN!”).
    And I empathise; I still blurt, at parties: “I’m a j-j-j… boring-fart businessman!”
    So you now have a comment (the first?); what next? Do you want What I did on My Exile? Really?
    You know my lineage rates (“Mine’s a pint”).

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