Ten uses for an Ex-Journalist

The redundo payment is safely in the bank, you’ve paid off the tab at the Frog and Nightgown after the leaving drinks, and you’ve handed back the laptop. There are only so many  times you can watch daytime television and your friends don’t want to have their first drink of the day at 11am. So what next?

This week I will be putting up a series of five pieces, aimed mainly at print journalists, that will look at some ways to create a new professional life. What career will you aim for? What can you do to get it? What are your transferable skills? What are the less transferable attitudes you might have to relearn? Comments and suggestions from others that have been through this are welcome: it is based very much on my own experience.

Part One – Plan

It is going to take you three to six months to find work; perhaps longer. So have a strategy for how you are going to fill that time usefully, in a way that gets you out the other side.

One Response to Ten uses for an Ex-Journalist

  1. Robert Hanks says:

    I’m not sure if this is paranoia or narcissism, but I can’t help feeling this whole thing is aimed at me.

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