Ten (inappropriate) uses

I am running a series of articles on ten uses for an ex-journalist, which you can find here. it looks at how journalists can change careers, using their talents to find well-paid, satisfying work elsewhere, or otherwise move on in these trying times.

But some friends and former colleagues have also begun suggesting less appropriate and high-minded ideas for how to recycle large numbers of former hacks. All suggestions gratefully received. Add them as comments below. I will publish the best ten next week, and give a prize for the best one. (What? Dunno. Will work it out later).


3 Responses to Ten (inappropriate) uses

  1. Donal O'Donovan says:

    Italian head of government/duce of fascism.

  2. Donal O'Donovan says:

    i assume i win this by default – if i were to suggest a prize i’d say a pint or a ploughmans might be equally appropriate. I’m at Aldgate so lunch time or afterwork tend to suit equally well.

    • qwerty2009 says:

      Actually there was one other entry. but it would be churlish to deny the pint. back next week (in US now) and will sort something.

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