Time guy on buying the paper

Walter Isaacson writes in Time Magazine on how to save newspapers. His solution: micropayments systems so people can buy one or two articles or editions. Bill Wyman at Hitsville doesn’t agree and says the fact is, newspapers got lazy and need to work harder to make money. (Not that Bill Wyman, by the way – the Rolling Stones one. Another one).


2 Responses to Time guy on buying the paper

  1. Robert Hanks says:

    I’ve been plugging the idea of micro-payments in conversations lately (and I remember Tom Sutcliffe evangelising for it about 10 years ago, before anybody really knew what was happening). Andrew Sullivan, also picked up on Isaacson, thinks the opportunity has gone: http://andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com/the_daily_dish/2009/02/too-late.html. My feeling is that once all the newspapers have collapsed, leaving the bloggers with no sources to work from and the public at large short of information and analysis that has some kind of authority, the costs of registering and paying for news (costs in time as much as money) will start to seem quite attractive. It’s a way in the future, though, with a lot of pain and poverty in between.

  2. Robert Hanks says:

    “Andrew Sullivan, *who* also picked up on Isaacson”. God, I’ve got lazy about subbing.

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