Pundit’s receipe for change

Jeff Jarvis, a well-respected media commentator, knocks down all of the current discussions about paying for content, charitable status, antitrust exemptions and bailouts in a piece at SeekingAlpha, an investors website. “All the many desperate attempts to propose means to save newspapers/journalism seem to me to be efforts to swim upstream, to force something to happen that doesn’t want to happen in the internet age,” he says.

So what’s your idea, big guy? “I put forward one such scenario here and this is why I’m starting the New Business Models for News Project at CUNY. The challenge is to find the means to sustain journalism on its own merit and weight in the market. Anything short of that is surrender.”

Hoorah! We shall fight on the blogs. We shall fight on the landing pages. We shall fight on the clickthroughs. We shall never surrender!


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