Reasons to be cheerful 1-3

TechDirt, a technology blog, has three reasons to be cheerful about journalism: hacks setting up an online service, the improvement in journalistic standards, and the benefits newspapers bring to the internet.


One Response to Reasons to be cheerful 1-3

  1. Robert Hanks says:

    That last reason – benefits to the internet – should read “benefits compared to the internet”. And the problem is, while Ken Paulson – the ex-USA Today editor being cited here – is absolutely right about the benefits of print, there’s very little sense at present that these benefits are salient to the news-consuming public. Some of what he’s talking about (pre-screening of content, etc) is very labour-intensive; other parts (disposable, delivered straight to your door) are capital intensive; the problem isn’t that the internet is better, but that it can undercut print so easily.

    I’ve got to stop commenting on your stuff and get on with finding work.

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