Journalism is dead

Almost everything that Mark Luckie does at his blog 10,000 words (on journalism nd technology) is interesting. Check out his new web site journalism-is-dead, “a collection of the alarmist, bombastic and otherwise humorous quotes about why journalism is dead. The future of media may be grim, but according to some, you’d think it was a sign of the apocalypse. Check it out, have a laugh, and keep in mind the medium may change but journalism is here to stay.” Well put.


2 Responses to Journalism is dead

  1. angelaavery says:

    Love the quote. I am aspiring to become a journalist and was absolutely frightened by the crashing of the newspapers. Learning about the digital world of journalism is the only hope I have to hold onto.

    I appreciate the humor! Journalism is here to stay indeed.

  2. Journalism is, indeed, here to stay. What the naysayers fail to understand or acknowledge is the fact the the best newsrooms embarked on a profound transformation a decade ago that will not only help them survive, but thrive well into the future.

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