Moving on to PR

A terrific piece of work by Craig McGill on how to (or not to) move from journalism to PR. “It’s something I never wanted to write, but with the mounting clear-outs of newsrooms and other organisation, I thought it might be handy to write up a quick, basic guide to PR to try and get rid of some of those illusions reporters have about the industry – The Redundant Journalist Guide to PR.”

This rang particularly true: “One thing to accept – and accept early because it bothers a lot of people who are very good at writing stories – is that quite often you will take something well written and make it worse because a client wanted changes. Stand your ground by all means and defend that ampersand if it means so much to you, but remember this: they pay you, so consider it like a sub’s rewrite – it was better before they got it. The difference being, this press release will go to all your expeers with your name on it.

“Ultimately you have to suck it up, because, short of physical violence, telling your paymasters that their suggestions are crap will cost you your job and lead to a hell of a lot of rewrites – and your time is going to be precious to start with.”


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