British Press Awards

The shortlist for the British Press Awards has been announced. The winners will be revealed at the awards night on 31 March at Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

People I will be rooting for because they are friends:

Reporter of the Year: Patrick Cockburn, The Independent

Foreign Reporter of the Year: Rupert Cornwell, The Independent

Digital Journalist of the Year: Paul Murphy, Financial Times

Business journalist of the year is tough since I know several and they have done a fab job. But Gillian Tett of the FT has covered the difficult issues in the credit markets for years and came as close to calling this right as anyone could. I admire her journalism hugely and feel no-one has done more to iluminate this world for me in the last three years. [Update: Gillian is also on the list for journalist of the year which I feel is richly deserved.]

This event is hardly the Pullitzers, for overseas readers; the US and UK news industries are very different and their awards (and awards ceremonies) are, uh, culturally specific.


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