Time: ten most endangered papers

Time Magazine has had a sharp idea, if a very depressing one: to list the ten most endangered newspapers in America. It is as if they were rare birds or tigers. “24/7 Wall St. has created a list of the 10 major daily papers that are most likely to fold or shutter their print operations and only publish online. The properties were chosen on the basis of the financial strength of their parent companies, the amount of direct competition they face in their markets and industry information on how much money they are losing. Based on this analysis, it’s possible that 8 of the nation’s 50 largest daily newspapers could cease publication in the next 18 months.”

I have always thought there was a rare poetry in the names of American papers, and here it is: The Cleveland Plain Dealer; Philadelphia Daily News; the Fort Worth Star-Telegram; Boston Globe; San Francisco Chronicle; Miami Herald; Minneapolis Star-Tribune; New York Daily News; Detroit News; Chicago Sun-Times. Surely not; surely not all of them?


3 Responses to Time: ten most endangered papers

  1. John Kroll says:

    The Plain Dealer would like to note that reports of our death are greatly exaggerated. Or, in the exact word of Publisher Terrance C.Z. Egger, “baseless.”

  2. Tom Awtry says:

    I’m not saying my News makes any sense or is Interesting; however I’m not a journalist either, but there is a lot of worth wild news to report on and along with that some positive, factual and informative news instead of looking for negative news.


  3. […] Time logo on Yahoo!, the report was from an online-only site, 247WallSt.com.” A comment also appeared on my site overnight from John Kroll, listed as deputy business editor or news impact editor at The Plain […]

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