Papers to Time: drop dead

Time magazine reported yesterday the ten newspapers it thought most likely to die or go digital. Some of those papers have responded, and they are not happy.

The Clevland Plain Dealer, in particular, has been swift to rebut this.  “A report Monday — seemingly from Time Magazine — that The Plain Dealer will close or be online-only by next year is “baseless,” according to Plain Dealer Publisher Terrance Egger. Though this appeared on Time’s Web site and with a Time logo on Yahoo!, the report was from an online-only site,” A comment also appeared on my site overnight from John Kroll, listed as deputy business editor or news impact editor at The Plain Dealer. They have responded swiftly and directly, a useful point to remember when dealing with blogs (subject of a future post).

The Philadelphia Daily News has also responded. “Now it’s one thing for a blogger to dance on our grave, but for a magazine like Time, which is now no bigger than a pamphlet due to losses in advertising, it seems a bit unseemly… What makes our non-Big Apple Daily News an especially odd choice for No. 1 on the list is that unlike most of the other papers, we make money.”

One of the issues at stake is whether this was a report from Time or from an associated blogger, since it came from a reporter on 24/7, a NY-based website that covers Wall St. ‘”People put this out there and associate Time Magazine with it,” Egger said, upon hearing that another source produced the report. He doubted readers would notice that distinction. “It’s still the Time brand it’s associated with.”‘

As far as I can see, it’s on Time’s site, has a Time URL, and is listed by Time as a story, so it’s Time. So is this a comment offered by an external commentator? Not clear from the site.

Other claims: the reporter didn’t contact the newspapers concerned for comment.

An interesting sign of the times. I know a good day two story when I see one.


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