Bridging gap between editorial and ads

The division between the commercial and editorial sides of news organisations needs to end, says a veteran of the online world. “I’m on record as saying that the Chinese wall between the editorial side and the business side has not served us well,” says Jim Brady, executive editor of, in an interview with Steve Myers at Poynter.

“I don’t see the harm in my knowing what sales is hearing out in the field in terms of what subject areas are drawing interest, and what the broader ad trends are. I know exactly where the church-state line is, and I’ll never cross it. But why wouldn’t I want to know what challenges sales is facing? It works in reverse as well. My relationship with our sales VP at was terrific, and as a result of us talking, he knew where I drew the line and helped hold that line with his folks.”

This subject also engages NiemanLabs, which makes the point that content in media needs to work with commercials. “Ultimately, the success of long-form advertising comes down to the content: Can you engage and entertain the audience long enough to sell that book, that car, those kitchen knives or that Snuggie?” It suggests some ideas for how to generate advertising to support local content, including “a local, weekly review of bicycling routes, sponsored by and hosted by the gearhead bike shop owner.”


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