New search tool for FT

The Financial Times has launched a new search tool, Newssift – in beta so far, but fun to play around with. It searches news but in a more organised, focussed way than a normal search engine: it clusters the results. “A next generation vertical search tool, Newssift offers access to a comprehensive database, indexing millions of articles from thousands of global business news sources. Searches are based on meaning and relationships, moving beyond traditional key word search. Newssift offers a better way to view the qualitative news trends and opinions that shape business. Higher quality and more relevant results cut out the commercial clutter found with current key word search.”


3 Responses to New search tool for FT

  1. dewayne says:


    great commentary on the media sector. i actually came to the site via the newssift mention (thank you) and left with a new must read blog. if you have an opportunity, it would be great to hear your thoughts about the tool. given your experience, i am sure you could provide some valuable insight. thank you.

    • qwerty2009 says:

      Thanks Dewayne. The tool is interesting. The company I work for is a leading fraud investigator and this is interesting for me personally and professionally. I used to work at the FT. I will have a deeper look and encourage colleagues too. What kind of BD opportunities are you looking at?

  2. dewayne says:

    at this point, we are focused on improving the tool. in the near future, we will offer api’s and syndication tools and widgets that can empower both users and third party publishers through semantic search. given the current economic climate, we feel as though it’s a perfect time to launch.

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