Time next to make content pay?

More reports that some leading media are considering a turn to paid content. “Because there’s too much ad inventory on the Internet, Time Inc. publications including SI.com, Time.com, CNNMoney.com and EW.com will experiment with mixing paid and free content in the next 8 months, EVP John Squires told reporters gathered today at the company’s NYC headquarters,” reports the Business Insider.

“Could The Independent be the the next newspaper to charge for its online content?” asks PaidContent, and of course then answers its own question a bit but not completely. “Very possibly, according to newly appointed Independent News and Media CEO designate Gavin O’Reilly, who took over from father, Tony, last week. He tells The Telegraph (ironically, the article doesn’t appear to be online): “Our experience has been that the web is a financially deflationary area. I think we will see more and more content moving to subscription… We are looking at some charge structure.”‘

New York’s Newsday has already announced its intention to try, which evokes criticism from RecoveringJournalist. “Newspapers have enough problems right now without trying to deliberately (as opposed to accidentally) cripple their Web businesses. But Newsday is going to try.”

2 Responses to Time next to make content pay?

  1. On the Money says:

    A reliable source tells me that the Independent is largely written by interns … Anyone else know if this is true?

  2. Robert Hanks says:

    If people aren’t going to buy the Independent in newsagents, why are they going to start paying for it online (where other, far better resourced papers are still offering content for nothing)?

    I don’t think it’s fair to say that the Independent is largely written by interns; but it does now have a rather high proportion of very young, inexperienced journalists.

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