Trib tucks tighter into NYT

The International Herald Tribune, Paris-based subsidiary of the NY Times, has folded its website into the parent one. The paper has also been redesigned to look more like the Times. It is my morning read so I am mildy tetchy. Doesn’t look as if there is as much to read, although the new fonts are cleaner and easy to read. The lady who sells papers at Warwick Avenue likes it. More Active Use of White Space than I am comfortable with (I am paying £1.30 for this. Less space, more ink). On the whole: still a paper I will buy and read.

PaidContent notes (correctly): “Some native-European IHT fans are shedding tears at what IHT publisher Stephen Dunbar-Johnson… says is “closer integration with New York”. The paper was founded in 1887 and was only bought in part by NYTCo 80 years later; it’s sold in 180 countries.”


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