Detroit Free Press prepares to go plastic

Information Week reports on the latest venture in online only media, and a prospective new ventue for a Kindle-like e-reader. “The Detroit Free Press, which “delivered” its first online-only newspaper yesterday, has announced a partnership with a Silicon Valley startup, called Plastic Logic, that’s developing an e-reader. Is this the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship between newspapers and e-reader companies?” It will launch with a small sample.

There is a nice piece about Plastic Logic here, in the NY Observer. “So far, the Financial Times, USA Today and digital publishers like Zinio—which converts print magazines from Cosmopolitan and InStyle to Mother Jones and The Economist into digital formats—have, among others, partnered with Plastic Logic.”


One Response to Detroit Free Press prepares to go plastic

  1. Robert Hanks says:

    I saw video of a Plastic Logic prototype in action a month or two back: hard to be sure, of course, but it looked as if it might be the first really usable interface for e-reading.

    Andy: I’ve given you a Splash award – It’s basically a good-will chain-letter between bloggers, but it increased my blog traffic dramatically.

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