What new and what’s news

 I have been away for a few weeks, moving countries, and haven’t been keeping this updated. Now I am returning and trying to get back up to speed with what happened. So far as I can see:

  1. Newsweek relaunched. Michael Kinsley hated it.
  2. The debate over paying for access to content continued, in pretty much the same way as before. The WSJ said it would start to charge for some content through micropayments.  Freemium (free content mixed with paid-for premium content) was increasingly talked of as a model.
  3. The Economist wrote about the crisis in the news industry, the WSJ did an interactive graphic.
  4. Discussions are still continuing over the future of the Boston Globe.
  5. David Geffen talked about buying the New York Times, though it sounds as if he didn’t get very far.

I live in the US now, by the way.


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