The Lady regrets

The Lady magazine has parted company with its editor. Not so unusual for a mag to lose its ed (voluntarily or involuntarily), but this is different. The Lady has been around since 1885; the editor has been there since 1991. Several countries have been around significantly less time than that.

The magazine can best be characterised as a conservative read for the older, middle class lady. Read this fascinating piece in the FT (from some years back) for some colour. Favourite quotes:

“Because I’m editor I get two towels… Everyone else gets one. I must admit that I like having towels. It’s the only magazine I’ve worked at during my career where I’ve had a towel. And I like it. Dryers aren’t hygenic, anyway.”

“We’re the kind of magazine you can leave lying around – and if you’re having your teeth done, you don’t want to be reading about some ghastly tragedy or erotic fantasy. People like something soothing and reasonable.”

I mention these not to diss the Lady or demean it; the point is that it knew its community and audience very well, and looked after them. But as with other media, things have changed. A new publisher, new commercial pressures, new markets…

There is much gossip about the new editor. (Rowan Pelling, former editor of the Erotic Review?) Bad news about the towels, too.

2 Responses to The Lady regrets

  1. Mark T says:

    ‘The Lady Regrets’ better than ‘The Lady Vanishes’?

  2. […] Johnson to edit The Lady Rachel Johnson is to be the new editor of The Lady magazine. I wrote about this throwback some weeks ago (the mag, not Rachel). It is a bastion of concsrvative values of womanhood, facing […]

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