The Gentleman Delinquent

Christopher Hitchens writes on Henry Fairlie in the New York Times. Fairlie was “one of those Englishmen who fall in love with America and never fall out again,” writing for the New Republic but many other mags and papers as well. I never met him but always felt he was just out of sight, in the next bar up Connecticut Avenue; he died in 1990.

Hitchens (Hitch? Do people still call him that?) is reviewing Bite the Hand That Feeds You: Essays and Provocations, edited by Jeremy McCarter. “Even in the louche world of Fleet Street, where every vice found a champion, he distinguished himself: he drank; his finances were a crime against responsibility; his charm and darkly handsome looks availed him of endless affairs.” TNR reproduces some of it here; Fairlie is a good writer and it is interesting stuff for anyone that is interested in the transatlantic thing in particular. See especially “Why I Love America.”


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