Rachel Johnson to edit The Lady

Rachel Johnson is to be the new editor of The Lady magazine. I wrote about this throwback some weeks ago (the mag, not Rachel). It is a bastion of the more conservative side of womanhood, facing some pretty challenging times as its old readership dies off and the new generation seek more than lavender, nannies and jam to fill their time.

I know the new editor pretty well, or used to0 back in the 1980s and 1990s when we briefly shared the economics room of the Financial Times. She is smart and funny, and writes a column or columns for various people of the shagging-in-W10 variety, as well as dirty books. I believe I introduced her to her husband, though that may be my imagination.

God alone knows what she will make of The Lady, or it of her.


One Response to Rachel Johnson to edit The Lady

  1. angelnstar says:


    Well nobody said it was going to be easy…….

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