Internet manifestoes call for change

Two manifestoes for media on the internet. One is by a group of celebrated German netheads and I have to say is mostly dull, hackneyed tripe, but with some important calls to action for the older media. Its first article: “The Internet is different… It produces different public spheres, different terms of trade and different cultural skills. The media must adapt their work methods to today’s technological reality instead of ignoring or challenging it.  It is their duty to develop the best possible form of journalism based on the available technology. This includes new journalistic products and methods.

The other by the blogger 10,000 words tells some straightforward truths about the media industry, but is less visionary in terms of pointing the way towards the future. It starts with: “The stories that are published are the stories that sell…. The reason you’re more likely to read about a shooting spree than a library opening is because with dwindling resources, broadcasters and print publications must devote their time to stories that will grab the most attention. Hyperlocal sites like EveryBlock have stepped up to fill the void, but the phrase “if it bleeds, it leads” has never been truer.

I prefer the second but also read and got something from the first. My view of manifestoes: the point is not just to understand the world, it is to change it.


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