Americans to media: drop dead

The American public don’t trust the news media and don’t want public money spent to bail it out, says a survey released this week by Sacred Heart University.

Nearly 8 out of 10 Americans would oppose any plan to spend tax dollars to aid failing newspapers,”  Editor and Publisher notes dolefully. But, perking up slightly that people dislike television even more, it adds: “Much of Sacred Heart poll concerns mainstream television news, which respondents clearly view with jaundiced eyes. Fully 83.6% said national news media organizations were very or somewhat biased while just 14.1% viewed them as somewhat unbiased or not at all biased.”

According to SH Professor and Chair Dr. Gary Rose, “The low level of trust exhibited by poll respondents towards the media is in some respects a manifestation of the growing resentment and distrust among the American people regarding large and powerful institutions in general. The American people have become increasingly skeptical and suspicious towards institutions which they perceive as distant and manipulative. Small wonder that the media, which is now controlled by a handful of large corporations, is perceived in such a negative light.”

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