Wolff on Murdoch’s internet phobia

Fascinating piece in Vanity Fair by Michael Wolff on Rupert Murdoch and his attitude towards the internet. Younger, tech-savvy readers will find it hilarious; older, inky-fingered sorts will find themselves feeling strangely warm towards the man. “Murdoch’s abiding love of newspapers has turned into a personal antipathy to the Internet: for him it’s a place for porn, thievery, and hackers.”


One Response to Wolff on Murdoch’s internet phobia

  1. Robert Hanks says:

    I think Wolff gets it wrong. The point about Murdoch is not that he loves newspapers too much to understand the web, it’s that he thinks he can repeat with the web the trick he performed with TV in Britain: get people to pay for something they are used to having for free. That was, when you think about it, an astonishing achievement; but it depended on a) the bankrupting of his main competitor, BSB, and b) being able to bid megabucks for rights to live football coverage. I can’t see how those can be replicated in the web world.

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